Allison Argent was a main character and tritagonist, a former werewolf hunter who held natural talent as an archer and lived through a code advocating the protection of those who need protecting. As of her death she is no longer the Tritagonist.

Originally oblivious to her family's history, she was revealed to their profession by her aunt, Kate Argent, and further manipulated by her grandfather, Gerard Argent. She retired from professional hunting, but convinced her father to return to their hunting ways in order to protect the citizens of Beacon Hills.

When a Japanese dark fox spirit threatened the life of her best friend, Lydia Martin, Allison headed to an internment camp to find her where she became the first to successfully kill an Oni, a Japanese shadow samurai spirit. However, due to this, she was targeted and stabbed by another, dying in Scott McCall's arms before being able to reveal how she managed to accomplish such a feat.

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On the eve of senior year of high school, her friends participated in a tradition where the students initialed a shelf in the school. After a moment's hesitation, Scott wrote Allison's initials underneath his own and was comforted by Stiles, who told him that she'd be with them. Lydia corrected him by saying she's still with them in spirit.[1]

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