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Derek is a born werewolf and part of the original Hale pack under Talia Hale. He is seduced by Kate Argent when he is sixteen to gain information on the Hale family, which Kate later uses to cause the Hale House Arson. Derek and his sister Laura Hale are at school at the time of the fire. Their uncle Peter Hale is the only known survivor of the fire, though he is left comatose and badly scarred. Laura and Derek move to New York shortly after the fire.

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Derek returns to Beacon Hills to investigate the disappearance of his sister Laura. He first appears when Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski are searching for Scott's lost inhaler in the Preserve and wander onto Hale property. He warns Scott and Stiles away but also returns Scott's missing inhaler.

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Derek is often seen as grumpy and angry. He holds himself responsible for the death of his family and carries with him a large amount of guilt. Despite that, he feels responsible for Scott's survival and for the survival of his betas.

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Kate Argent - prior to show

Jennifer Blake


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Talia Hale - mother

Laura Hale - older sister

Cora Hale - younger sister

Peter Hale - maternal uncle

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