"Galvanize" is the fifthteenth episode of Season 3 of Teen Wolf and the thirty-ninth episode overall. It first aired on January 20, 2014 on MTV.

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Actor Character
Tyler Posey Scott McCall
Crystal Reed Allison Argent
Dylan O'Brien Stiles Stilinski
Tyler Hoechlin Derek Hale
Holland Roden Lydia Martin
Arden Cho Kira Yukimura
Character debut
Character final
Character only

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  • Bad Bad Hats - "It Hurts" - Scene: Stiles calling Scott in the locker room.
  • Lovett - "Heartattack" - Scene: Stilles and Scott walk to the lockers; Scott sees Kira.
  • Oh Mercy - "Fever" - Scene: Lydia and Aiden try to make out in the Coach's office
  • Nico Vega - "Witchy Night" - Scene: Coach finds Kira in the library with her headphones on during the fire alarm.
  • Cardiknox - "Wayfarers" - Scene: Mr. Yukimura tells Kira he invited Scott to dinner.
  • Cardiknox - "Where I'm Headed" - Scene: Kira helps Scott with his chopsticks during the awkward dinner.
  • Houses - "The Beauty Surrounds" - Scene: Scott talks to his mom on the phone on her last name; Kira surprises him with pizza.
  • Churchill - "Change" - Scene: Allison and Isaac take off their shirts.
  • Echosmith - "Bright" - Scene: Kira walks Scott out to his bike after dinner.

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  • This is the nineteenth episode in the series with a one-word title.