Bio Edit

Wolf Moon: Harley was an acquaintance of Scott and Stiles, casually talking to them about Allison befriending Lydia. Harley was later seen talking with Stiles at the party, showing a bit of concern when Scott started getting sick.

Pack Mentality: She was seen in Adrian Harris classroom. When Scott wouldn't stop whispering to Stiles, Harris moved him to Harley's table where she gave a small smile and look of sympathy. Harley jumps out her chair spotting the bus driver, Garrison Myers, being taken to the hospital after being attacked by the Alpha werewolf, Peter Hale.

Omega: Allison spots her and another girl gossiping with another student about Kate and the murders, upsetting Allison who glares at her. Harley looks at her with a regretful look on her face and leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • The original script lists her full name as Rebecca Harlowe, 'Harley' just being a nick-name.
  • She was original a supposed to a regular-recurring character but for unknown reasons was dropped.