Liam Dunbar is a Sophomore student at Beacon Hills High School and a Beta werewolf in Scott McCall's pack.

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After transferring to Beacon Hills High School, Liam practiced scoring goals with Garrett for the upcoming lacrosse tryouts. Afterwords, he was interrogated in the locker rooms by Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, who had watched him practice, about his prowess as the latter believed he had a supernatural advantage. Liam claimed that he transferred from Devenford Prep to play lacrosse, but Scott, listening to his heartbeat, deduced that he was kicked out. Stiles attempted to interrogate him further, but Liam said that he learned lacrosse from his stepfather who made team captain his Sophomore year like Scott and boasted he was just talented before walking away.

Lacrosse tryouts

Liam during the lacrosse tryouts.

In the locker room before tryouts, Liam listened intently when Coach Bobby Finstock announced that all positions were open, including Scott's. Liam excelled during the tryouts while Scott and Stiles struggled. After Finstock placed Scott and Stiles for "two on ones", Liam successfully managed to evade them and make a goal. Malia Tate, watching from the sidelines, demanded a do over and placed a bet on Scott and Stiles which Finstock accepted. Liam evaded Stiles, but Scott tapped into his werewolf abilities and blocked him, injuring Liam's leg in the process. He was taken to the hospital by Scott and Stiles and was assured by Geyer that they needed an X-ray before they could determine if his leg was broken. He berated himself for going up against two Juniors, but Geyer told him to play smart, not strong and that his mother wouldn't be angry with him.

After hearing Melissa McCall's screams, Liam limped outside his hospital room to investigate, but was grabbed by Sean Walcott, a Wendigo, and taken to the roof where he was held in a choke hold. Scott followed them and urged Sean to let Liam go, but Sean refused as he needed food. Liam twisted himself out of the hold, but Sean pushed him off and he barely managed to grab the edge of the roof. Liam struggled to maintain his grip, and Scott, fending off Sean, bit his hand to save him from falling. After a tomahawk struck Sean and killed him, Scott helped Liam onto the roof.[1]

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