Malia Tate is a Werecoyote attempting to assimilate into society while learning how to harness and develop her powers. After a transformation caused a car crash and claimed the lives of her adopted mother and little sister, Malia, overridden with guilt, retreated into the woods where she resided for eight years in a make-shift den as a full-fledged coyote. After the discovery of supernatural creatures, Sheriff Stilinski recruited Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski to solve her disappearance, and with the help of the rest of their pack, successfully managed to return Malia to her home. Following this, Allison Argent and Lydia Martin discovered her to be the daughter of Peter Hale. She was soon admitted to Eichen House where she agreed to help a institutionalized Stiles if he helped her return to her old life as a coyote yet the two soon formed a romantic relationship.

Following the defeat of the Nogitsune, Malia enrolled in Beacon Hills High School to catch up on her studies while training underneath the tutelage of Stiles and Scott, respectively. During the discovery for the Benefactor's identity, Malia learned of her status as a Hale and sought answers from Peter Hale.

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Dated Stiles Stilinski

Will be dating Scott Mccall in season 6b

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  • Malia's birth year is written on her birth certificate as 1998. However, this places Malia's age at 13, too young for high school and a sexual relationship.