Season One of MTV's Teen Wolf contains twelve episodes which aired over the course of three months, beginning on June 5, 2011 and concluding on August 15, 2011.


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  • Haley Roe Murphy as Laura Hale: Derek's deceased sister who was killed by Peter to obtain her Alpha status while investigating the arsonist behind the Hale House fire.
  • Michael Dane as Levesque: a werewolf-hunter.
  • JayR Kalis as Ulrich: a werewolf-hunter.
  • Adam C. Edwards as Tyhurst: a state detective and werewolf-hunter.
  • Jamila Thompson as Harley: an acquaintance of Scott and Stiles in the pilot episode.
  • John Curran as Garrison Myers: a bus driver and one of the arsonists of the Hale House fire.
  • Hajji Golgithy as Reddick: an arsonist, killed by Peter.
  • Johnathan Kleitman as Unger: an arsonist, killed by Peter.
  • Robert Pralgo as Mr. Whittemore: Jackson's adopted father.
  • Carrie Kroll as Mrs. Whittemore: Jackson's adopted mother.
  • Jeff Rose as Mr. Martin: Lydia's father.
  • Susan Walters as Mrs. Martin: Lydia's mather.
  • Desiree Hall as Jeniffer: Peter's nurse, killed by Peter.

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